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Senior Boys Style Guide

Guys, this section is for you. If I put "guys- senior style guide" in the menu list, you would have never clicked through, but guns and snakes got you interested, right? This guide is for you. You will want to remember who you were at this awesome moment in time. You want your photos to look cool, classic and handsome, right?

Read the section below. You will not waste your time preparing for your photo shoot. It's your time to shine!


What to wear

Something classy- when you look at your portraits 20 years from now, you will want to see something that is timeless such as a button up shirt, sweater, polo or jacket.


A suit- do not bring a suit unless it’s something you wear regularly and you own one that fits well. If this is the case, add a little personality into your shirt and tie and bring dress shoes. The shoes probably won't be in the picture, but bring them just in case.


Something casual- what you like to wear everyday, your own unique style – tees, jeans, torn jeans, shorts, hats, and bring some color. If someone said that shirt looks good with your eyes, that is a good color for you!


Something different and fun- whatever you want. Do you have a special batman belt that you wear? Bring it!


Sports or activity clothes- sports uniform, drama costume, or art clothes. etc.


Tops- feel free to add sweaters or jackets. I suggest at least one long sleeved shirt.


Hair and Nails

Styling- avoid cutting your hair right before the session. Give new styles at least two weeks growth. Please don’t have your hair completely falling over your eyes in the photograph. This is a great trend and one of my favorite styles…in real life. If your hair is shaggy and covering most of your eyes, it won’t look good. Usually, the hair casts shadows on your eyes and causes shadows. If you have this style, please have it cut a week before the shoot, so it is not too long.


Nails- your hands will be in your portraits. Have your nails trim and clean.


Brows and facial hair- please remove any unwanted brow and facial hair. Have your mom help with your brow line if you are unsure.


Bumps and blemishes- we remove them all, so don’t worry!


Other things to think about

Things- a hat, your car, an instrument, your gaming chair and remote, your favorite pet. Perhaps you’re an artist with a beautiful sketchbook. Props help you make it through the photo session without feeling silly and uncomfortable.


Tanning- avoid being overly tanned for your skin type as it will add shine to your face. Also avoid sunburns, uneven spray tans and tan lines. There are additional charges to remove sunburn and tan lines.


Pets- you must bring someone along to watch and care for your pet while you’re being photographed. Keep in mind that involving your pet takes extra time and may mean less images and/or clothing changes. Pets are only allowed at the beginning or end of the photo shoot and someone besides you needs to be there to take care of the pet while in the studio. No venomous snakes.


Friends- Platinum and Gold Sessions, we’d be happy to take a couple images with you and a friend and - or girlfriend. We schedule this at the beginning or end of your session. Please ask your friends to be on time and when the friends session is over, they should leave the studio or location. As with pets, this involves extra time and may mean less clothing changes and images of you. THIS IS NOT A FAMILY PORTRAIT, so mom and dad or sibling photos are not taken at during a senior session.


Arriving- Plan your travel time to arrive 10 minutes early. Allow yourself plenty of time to get here. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, please call or text me to let me know, as this will likely cut into your session time. Music…bring your iPod, we have a player!


Glasses- to eliminate distracting glare and reflections, call your optician to either borrow a pair of empty frames in your style or have the lenses removed from your own frames. Non-glare lenses work well in some cases. If you choose to wear glasses with lenses in keep in mind that removing glass glare from your photographs may be an extra expense.