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Parents and Investment

Parents and investment


One of the most important photos in your child life will be her/his senior pictures. Senior pictures are about your teen at this unique and special time in her life. She will be leaving home to pursue dreams and live a new life as an adult. Invest in his memories and yours, don’t take a shortcut on one of the most important investments you will make for your child, take the time to have professional senior pictures taken.


When looking for a senior portrait photographer, Bratton Photography is worth the investment. We understand how important your senior year is, and choosing the right photographer makes all the difference. We also understand that with the current conditions of our economy, parents must make every penny count. Bratton Photography is known for the quality of the images we produce, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. We understand that the cost of senior pictures can be a bit scary and if you are like most families, you are re-evaluating your priorities. In times like these, family becomes so much more important, and so do our memories.


Parents are looking for more value in the products they purchase and are more cautious about the purchases they make. Throwing money away is not an option any more! Parents need to be wary about choosing “bargain” products and services. It is vital that we choose products and services from brands and companies that we can trust to give us the best value for our dollar…the first time. While the “other guy” might seem less expensive up front, parents risk poor quality, which creates poor quality photos that fade and waste precious financial resources.


There is an art and a science to photography. Photography is about light, not cameras, and choosing a studio that has the proper qualifications and equipment is key to getting the best quality, the best value and the most satisfaction for the money spent.


Photography is also about the photographer, their creative eye, experience and professionalism, as well as the feeling and statement created in the studio. When you feel comfortable in front of the camera, it comes through in your pictures. Allow your child’s personality to come through and shine.