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Amateur with a Camera vs Professional

Amateur with a camera or a professional? What's the difference?


Weekend Photographers and Education

It seems that everyone with a camera, a decent eye and some spare time is now a "professional". Many people today find it hard to sort out the professionals from the “weekend photographer” and the “mom with a camera” pro-sumers (pro consumer) photographer. There is a difference between someone that just bought a nice camera, and a professional that truly understands photography. Most “moms with a camera” have little or no training in light, color, art, design, photography, retouching and workflow. But with the market saturated with “weekend photographers”, it becomes easy for consumers to get confused.


Artistry and Craftsmanship

Portrait Photography is about light and the human form, not about cameras and computers. The camera is simply a tool, similar to Tiger Woods golf clubs. He has a great set of clubs, but that isn’t what wins tournaments. It is the work, practice and dedication that made Tiger one of the best golfers in the world. If it were all about the golf clubs, anyone with enough money to buy the same clubs, would automatically be on the pro tour making millions! The professional golfer and photographer is made up of the personality, his education and experience, not the equipment. It is the years of dedication, practice and experience that makes the person a professional.


We understand that amazing photos are a little more expensive than most consumers want to spend. Consumers are hopeful that the “building-my-portfolio” part-time photographers who “takes-good-enough-photos” will work out OK. This is a risky proposition, particularly when talking about your child’s baby pictures, family pictures and senior portraits. Yes, you may receive a disk of photos, but if the images aren’t worth printing, if the images are poorly lit or heavily filtered with Photoshop, what have you saved? You saved money but not lasting (archival) memories.


The Reality

I have heard countless horror stories of consumers not receiving pictures for 6 or more months. The weekend photographers have other things to do. This part time hobby is not paying the bills. In fact, the small amount they charge is not enough to even cover the expenses to produce your pictures. Here comes the reality… The part-timer does not even know that they are handing out a disk of images along with virtual cash from their own pocket with every job. By the time they realize this, the next group of part-timers take their place in the market.


Our Business Model

Professional portrait artists, just like every business in America, have an office to pay for, employees, production costs, training and education, taxes, insurance and of course, all of the equipment to do the job correctly. So in turn, professional portraits costs a little more than someone working from his garage or her kitchen table. As a professional studio with years of experience, Bratton Photography has taken many steps to reduce costs, improve efficiency, automate computer processes and reduced our overhead. Our clients receive the best service, a quality product while paying a reasonable cost for the quality portraits received. We offer 100% guarantee on our products and best of all, the portraits are something more than just a documentation that you were here. They artfully stop a moment in time, so when looking at them decades later, you can feel as if you were still there.


Saving Money

Bratton Photography knows that you want the best for your family, even when money is tighter than it used to be. I am a parent too, so I understand value for your dollar. Bratton Photography offers several options for parents to afford the pictures they need. Our Mini-Sessions are available for parents and seniors that want amazing photos, but don't have a lot of outfits and background changes, or would rather not be tempted by too many pictures. We also offer an economical On-Line Photo Session that reduces your cost by limiting outfits, limiting time in the studio, reducing consultations to phone consults only and placing your order online. See the Portrait Session Menu for details.


Special Financing

If you are interested in special financing or lay away arrangements for your prints or digital files just let us know when you book your session, we will be happy to explain all of the options and get you the most for your money.