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"Stacy’s ability to capture our boys’ ever changing personalities on film is nothing short of a blessing. Regardless of what mood they’re in Stacy specializes in bringing out the best of it. You can honestly see the energy she puts into every photograph. IT'S AMAZING! What’s most important is that she is a photographer that you can trust! Her photographs are pictured moments of time we’ll never be able to relive but will be able to treasure forever!" Pilar & Deion Sanders

"Anyone can take a photograph, but it takes a special talent to capture the essence of a child in an artful manner….Stacy has a very unique gift.” Dana Duggan

“Photographing children can be the most challenging and exasperating experience known to mothers everywhere. More often than not, it’s a grueling exercise in organization, patience and understanding on the part of you the mother, not to mention the frustration and agitation to your children. And then, if you’re lucky, you end up with a halfway decent picture to hang on the wall.All this was true until I took my children to Stacy Bratton's Studio. Stacy Bratton captured the very essence of each of my children’s personalities on film, in an “At Home” environment. This is due in part to the warm helpful staff Stacy employs; but also, the extra time she spends playfully acquainting herself with the children. This ability comes from her gentle childlike grace, allowing them to feel involved in the process of creating a portrait. For this reason over the past six years, I have insisted on placing my children in front of Stacy Bratton’s camera and every year she captures the unique qualities of my children. Ending up with a good portrait can be challenging, but Stacy Bratton has made the art of photography and portraits, The Art of Child’s Play. Thanks Stacy!!!!!!" Joan Sigman