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Senior Girls Style Guide

Senior Style Guide for Girls


I recommend having hair and make-up done professionally. Check out our "Where to Shop" section of the website for some suggestions. We can also arrange for a stylist on set during your photo session for an additional cost. Professional Hair stylists and makeup artists are the best way to ensure you look your best. Speak up when having these done by a professional. You want to make sure your hair and makeup reflect you and not what the stylist thinks you should have. Bring a photo of yourself or a magazine photo that your would like to emulate. Stylists do not mind if you speak up while they are applying makeup or styling your hair. But you will not get your money's worth if you say nothing and leave to go change it right away.


Hair and Makeup



We suggest no new styles. Use a de-frizz product to tame stray hairs and fly-a ways. Hair should be done BEFORE coming to the studio. Quick easy hairstyle changes are ok, but it should be quick or you’ll lose camera time. Waiting to do hair or makeup until you arrive at the studio will dramatically cut down on camera time and images. We will not run over your scheduled time.


Necessities- makeup, lipstick and gloss, matte powder, hair brush, hair spray, and hair clips (in case of windy weather). If you are having your makeup professionally applied, have the salon use your lipstick and powder or purchase what they are using that day.


Foundation- you do not want your face to be one color and your upper body another.


Application- apply makeup as you would it you were going to a formal occasion in the evening. In other words, using a bit more than you would during the day.


Powder- use powder base for a matter finish to avoid any shiny or oily appearance. Oil control strips are helpful on location, especially during the Texas summer!


Eyes- pay special attention to the eyes, as they will be the most important part of your portrait. Eye shadow should be a color color bring your eyes forward and as big as possible. Eye liner makes eyes stand out in photos.


Bumps and blemishes- we remove them all, so don’t worry! Use concealer on acne and we will do the rest.


What to Wear


Bring many options- I can help narrow down your choices.


Anything goes- bring a variety of colors, sweaters, tees & hoodies, dresses from prom or homecoming, bring heels, favorite shoes, jewelry, necklaces, dark jeans, worn out jeans, accessories, earrings, headbands – bring anything you LOVE to wear.


Something classy- when you look at your portraits 20 years from now, you will want at least one timeless outfit. Cover shoulders and arms for at least one outfit.


Something casual- what you wear everyday. Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves, tees, jeans, torn jeans, shorts, hats, bring different colors that look good with your eye color.


Something different, trendy and fun- whatever you want. Take a look at the magazines and find a one of a kind trend that really works well with your personality and body type.


Identity clothes- sports, music, arts, your latest Halloween get the idea.


Tops- feel free to add sweaters, jackets and scarves.


Shoes- bring them! Think about each outfit and the shoes that go with them. Bring heels or wedges too. Legs look longer and rear-ends are lifted with a wedge or med-high heel. Who wouldn’t want that? Of course, I’m a fan of the sandal flats, too.


Things- dance gear, a microphone and guitar, volleyball or other sports gear.


If you wear a tank or strapless top- If you’re wearing a tank top or a shirt with shoulders bare, bra straps can be distracting. I know this is an accepted trend, but make sure any camisole or bra showing looks good with the outfit. Bring a strapless bra. Spaghetti straps and sleeveless tops will draw attention to the arms, making it difficult to hide bra straps. There are additional charges to remove bra straps. Keep in mind, if you don’t like your upper arms in person, you will really dislike them in photographs. Long, 3/4 or dolman sleeves are great in this situation. Scarves, cardigans and jackets also serve to cover arms.


Nails- your hands will be in your portraits. Have your nails cleaned, trimmed and manicured at the salon.


Tanning- avoid being overly tanned for your skin type as it will add shine to your face. Also avoid sunburns, uneven spray tans and tan lines. There are additional charges to remove sunburn and tan lines.


Pets- you must bring someone along to watch and care for your pet while you’re being photographed. Keep in mind that involving your pet takes extra time and may mean less images and/or clothing changes. Pets are only allowed at the beginning or end of the photo shoot and someone besides you needs to be there to take care of the pet while in the studio. No venomous snakes.


Friends- Platinum and Gold Sessions, we’d be happy to take a couple images with you and a friend and - or girlfriend. We schedule this at the beginning or end of your session. Please ask your friends to be on time and when the friends session is over, they should leave the studio or location. As with pets, this involves extra time and may mean less clothing changes and images of you. THIS IS NOT A FAMILY PORTRAIT, so mom and dad or sibling photos are not taken at during a senior session.


Arriving- Plan your travel time to arrive 10 minutes early. Allow yourself plenty of time to get here. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, please call or text me to let me know, as this will likely cut into your session time. Music…bring your iPod, we have a player!


Glasses- to eliminate distracting glare and reflections, call your optician to either borrow a pair of empty frames in your style or have the lenses removed from your own frames. Non-glare lenses work well in some cases. If you choose to wear glasses with lenses in keep in mind that removing glass glare from your photographs may be an extra expense.